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Unmesh (Unmesh1@xxx.net)
Datum:Mi 16 Mai 2018 16:44:32 CEST
Betreff:EML 45 mesh tubes
 Very nice tubes, quik international turnaround, an xlnt transaction! Thanks

Ebenberger Josef (sepp.ebenberger@xxx.at)
Datum:Mo 23 Apr 2018 10:23:21 CEST
 Gesamte bestellte Ware ist problemlos angekommen! Es ist auch positiv das man mit Herrn van Walle über technische Details erfragen kann! MfG Josef Ebenberger

Jean Marois (jmarois_7@xxx.ca)
Datum:Mo 02 Apr 2018 20:55:20 CEST
Betreff:Eml globe 45
 The EML Globe were send in a big big box... for better protection, very well packeged, professionnel services!, total satisfaction! Jac is very kind person, alway’s available for answering questions about his product, and the shipment. The EML tubes are one of the finest on the marquet, i have EML solid plate 45, globe 45, and the 300 B are super nice also, and they worth the price. A pure audiophile tube! I use them with my 45 amp. I recommand Jac Music with pleasures Jean Marois

Erik Brendeng (erikbrendeng@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 31 Jan 2018 20:03:43 CET
Betreff:45 mesh
 Først takk til Jac som viser stor kunnskap og tolmodighet med spørsmål som ikke bare dreier seg om rør. Dette er andre gang jeg handler rør fra Jac. Første gang quad 300B XLS. Denne gang 45 mesh. Disse blir brukt i en Minute 45 fra Sact i Thailand. Forsterkeren har spilt vidunderlig med Nos rør og Sophia men EML er en annen divisjon. Alt blir større. Lydbildet breiere og dypere. Detaljnivået er formidabelt. Det er nesten ikke til å tro at bytte av rør skal utgjøre en slik forskjell. Anbefales på det sterkeste

Tony Newman (tony_s_newman@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 13 Sep 2017 20:01:39 CEST
Betreff:300B Mesh
 Hi Jac - got the tubes and they are working flawlessly so far. Thanks again for the great service and the excellent EML tubes. Tony.

Michael Jennings (mickjennings2727@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 13 Sep 2017 15:29:35 CEST
Betreff:Thank you
 Superb assistance, advice and customer service

F. Gruhlke (fgruhlke@xxx.lu)
Datum:Mo 04 Sep 2017 17:59:41 CEST
Betreff:Lundahl LL1664-80mA
 Hello, The transformers did arrive (LL1664-80mA) and are already installed in my KT88 single-ended amplifier for testing.I am very pleased with the results, especially the low-frequency power available from such a small C-core before core saturation occurs. LF response was not very good with my previous output transformers (universal type with EI core). So the new transformers will stay with the KT88 and I will probably buy another pair later for my 2A3 project. Best regards Fernand

jan louis Facee Schaeffer (@l.schaeffer@xxx.nl)
Datum:Do 24 Aug 2017 22:39:57 CEST
 goed verpakt, de buizen werken goed!

Xander van der Velden (vis-techniek@xxx.com)
Datum:So 25 Jun 2017 20:59:25 CEST
 Goedenavond Jac, De 50`s staan al weer wat uurtjes te spelen. Werelds mooi spul. In vergelijking met de Ken-Rad ST-types kan ik eigenlijk alleen maar zeggen dat de Ken-Rad`s qua romantiek ietsjes hoger scoren, de EML`s zijn wat neutraler (scoren....eigenlijk meer smaak- dan kwaliteitsverschil), verder scoren de EML`s beter. Ben er meer dan happy mee. Nu de temperaturen iets gedaald zijn eens kijken hoe combinatie met de TB5-2500`s als eindbuizen klinken. (Hiermee stijgt de temperatuur toch wel zo`n ruime 10 graden na 2 uur luisteren, niet echt iets voor een warme zomerdag dus) Sowieso tot half november. Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards Ing A.M. (Xander) van der Velden Installatiespecialist

CHEANG Sin Man Ivan (smcheang@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 14 Jun 2017 15:58:16 CEST
Betreff:Buying EML 300B-XLS from JacMusic
 I received my pair of EMP 300B-XLS tubes last Wednesday. I have run the tubes for one week and completely satisfy their performance. Much better than my current using Shuguang Treasures 300B-Z. Jac is also a very nice and helpful person. I shall definitively purchase other items from JacMusic.

Uwe Barsties (uwe-barsties@xxx.de)
Datum:Do 25 Mai 2017 21:27:02 CEST
Betreff:EML 300B Mesh
 Hallo Jac, habe jetzt die EML 300B XLS durch die EML 300B Mesh ersetzt. Also die XLS ist ja schon genial in Dynamik und Klarheit, aber die Mesh ist wirklich viel, viel besser in der Auflösung und Natürlichkeit und sehr guter Dynamik. Nach der Einspielzeit einfach traumhaft. herzliche Grüße an alle Tube Liebhaber

Xander van der Velden (vis-techniek@xxx.com)
Datum:Sa 20 Mai 2017 21:40:49 CEST
 Jac, Zojuist zijn de 50`s bij mij afgegeven. 1 opmerking: JUWEELTJES!!!! Ik heb bij Reinout de diverse EML300B`s gezien en gehoord en in mijn bak hebben de 300B-mesh pitten ook regelmatig plaats genomen. Allemaal zeer nette, klankmatig zeer goede en bovenmatig consequent gemaakte pitten van topkwaliteit. Jij begrijpt buizen, maar dat zal je ongetwijfeld al vaker gehoord hebben. Zodra ik wat rust hier heb gaan ze de TB3-2000 bak in. Ik hou je op de hoogte van de resultaten hiermee. Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards, Xander van der Velden

Dietmar F. (dfuchs@xxx.com)
Datum:Fr 19 Mai 2017 11:53:10 CEST
Betreff:Emission Labs 274B und Philips 12AT7
 Hallo Herr van de Walle, gestern kamen die Röhren unversehrt hier an; Dank für die gute Verpackung! Die Lautsprecher erwarte ich in der nächsten Woche zurück; etwa 2 Wochen später werde ich mich dann mit Höreindrücken melden. Gruß von Dietmar

Manzavinos Constantin (manzavinos.constantin@xxx.fr)
Datum:So 02 Apr 2017 07:33:22 CEST
Betreff:EML 300b and philips ecg 6188
 This is my first time that i ordered on jac music and every thing past very well. Eml 300b are very well made it's changed from the asian production.... Philips 6188 are very good too there are very closed to 5691 rca red base. Thank you again!!

Jaska Niemi (jaska.niemi@xxx.com)
Datum:So 26 Mär 2017 13:58:16 CEST
Betreff:AVO MK IV meter refurbishment
 I have an old AVO MK IV Valve Characteristic Meter which had some issues with the meter part (loose glass, dirt inside etc.). I searched for info on the meters and found Jacmusic webpage...and I'm glad I did! I sent the meter for refurbishment/calibration to Jac and it came back working SUPERB. Excellent communication throughout the process and this man has so much knowledge it is just mind blowing. Also got a nice set of calibration tubes which are great for setting up your tube tester. Highly recommended and will definitely use Jac's services in the future!

Dusan Predic (dule.bgnew@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 22 Feb 2017 20:52:50 CET
Betreff:Lundahl transformers and chokes, Mundorf capacitors, etc...
 This is the second time that I ordered from Jac and for the second time I am very satisfied with the full-service. By full-service I consider that all the goods were available, even though I ordered more different items and immediately after the payment, the goods has been sent. Also, the goods were really well packed and everything arrived in perfect condition. If there were marks from one to a maximum of 5 stars to give, I would give all five. My sincere recommendation to Jac Music.

Kai Widell (kawide@xxx.com)
Datum:Di 14 Feb 2017 15:06:03 CET
Betreff:EML 2a3 Mesh
 Fast Shipment Excelent service and product kai

cwcheng (cwcheng@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 13 Feb 2017 08:15:10 CET
 This is my first time to buy the product from Jac music.What my feeling is Jac is a very honest man very good communication.Very fast shipping take only 6 days to arrive in West Canada.Good products.Looking forward to dealing with you again. Thank you very much.

Konstantin Galiy (Konstantin Galiy [kgaliy@xxx.com])
Datum:Do 09 Feb 2017 10:43:13 CET
Betreff:Thank you for article about faked tubes
 It is very interesting and cognitive. Sincerely yours, Konstantin Galiy

Aris (aris@xxx.com)
Datum:Do 19 Jan 2017 13:48:39 CET
Betreff:Tesla E83CC
 Thank you very much !!! They sound faboulus !!! Great communication, help and serice !! Thanks again Mr.van de Walle !!

Simon (s.zwier@xxx.nl)
Datum:Mi 18 Jan 2017 20:34:18 CET
Betreff:Tevreden klant
 Zeer goede kwaliteit van de geleverde onderdelen en ook nog eens prima verpakt. klasse!

Antanas (antanas.kilda@xxx.com)
Datum:Do 12 Jan 2017 10:24:46 CET
Betreff:About Jac music Company
 Tai puikus web saitas lempinių stiprintuvų kūrėjmas. Čia rasite platų koybiškų komponentų asortimentą ir trumpą apžvalgą beveik apie kiekvieną iš jų, rasite daugybę jau įgyvendintų projektų. Užsakytos detalės atsiunčiamos greitai per labai priimtiną laiką.

Olivier Coenen (coenen.olivier@xxx.be)
Datum:Do 05 Jan 2017 23:45:29 CET
Betreff:Thank you !
 Thank you for the great service and the beautiful products ! Cheers, Olivier

Vannini Alessio (a.bruscoli@xxx.it)
Datum:Di 08 Nov 2016 17:24:14 CET
Betreff:6X4 Tesla Tube
 It's the first time that I buy items from Jac, and I can say that it's a pleasure to buy from him: great quality, competitive prices, very fast shipping and fast answers!!! Very recommended!

István (istvan.rovo@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 02 Nov 2016 16:14:45 CET
Betreff:LL1692A/18mA instead of LL1660S/18mA
 After 40hours disappeared all negative sound feature what I mentioned some days before at new LL1692A/18mA-AM compared to old LL1660S/18mA. Only remained a slightly loudness (+1,7...+2.0dB) of LL1692A. I replaced to new IT firstly only in the right-side monoblock, and I will wait about 1-2week for replacing in left-side monoblock still.

István (istvan.rovo@xxx.com)
Datum:Fr 28 Okt 2016 21:01:51 CEST
Betreff:LL1692A/18mA instead of LL1660S/18mA
 Today I build in the new LL1692A/18mA-AM (3.5:2+2) instead of LL1660S/18mA (4.5:2+2) same step-down connection between PX25M (SE) and 2A3 (PP). I measured both of IT with PC motherboard sound-card on entire power amp. With LL1660S: -4.5dB/10Hz, capacitive resonance at 55kHz +3dB/-8dB overshoot. With LL1692A: -4.9dB/10Hz, capacitive resonance at 70kHz +4dB/-9dB overshoot. My ALL-DHT amp hasn't any FB, neither local, nor any types. With new LL1692A IT produces +1.7dB higher gain. Sound of new LL1692A causes a little bit disappointing compare to old LL1660S, less fluidity, less transparency, less bass-warm, and more harsh at middle frequencies. I know, amorphous iron needs 100hours break-in time at least. Let's see changes after 100hours.

Friedjof Reißig (xavier.seifert@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 21 Sep 2016 17:55:27 CEST
Betreff:EML 300B-XLS
 Hallo Jac, nun setze ich bereits das zweite Paar EML 300B-XLS Röhren in meinen Line Magnetic Verstärkern ein und bin grenzenlos begeistert. Der Line Magnetic LM-219 IA kann nun seine ganzen Möglichkeiten in vollen Zügen entfalten. Meinem neuen Line Magnetic LM-508 IA verleihen die EML 300B-XLS ein unglaublich feinsinniges, detailreiches sowie naturgetreues Klangbild. Von nichts zu viel und von nichts zu wenig. Bei einem Gericht eines drei Sterne Kochs würde ich sagen: "Perfekt abgestimmt"! Ich habe bereits viele 300B Röhren verschiedener Hersteller austesten dürfen, keine konnte mich auf so großer Bandbreite überzeugen wie die EML 300B-XLS. M ein Fazit: Wenn 300B, dann EML! Aus diesem Grund möchte ich hier noch einmal meinen großen Dank für die hervorragende Beratung und gute Empfehlung aussprechen. Beste Grüße, Friedjof Reißig

Gerd Ratzinger (g.ratzinger@xxx.com)
Datum:Di 19 Jul 2016 10:02:51 CEST
Betreff:Yamamoto HS-1A
 Reibungsloser Ablauf, sehr zu empfehlen

Tony N. (tony_s_n@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 18 Jul 2016 09:27:22 CEST
 Hi Jac, EML 300Bs arrived today. Really nice build quality and good sound, even with zero hours on them. Significantly better than the EAT tubes. The EATs were a little thin and bright sounding – a transistor type of sound. Are the mesh 300Bs still looking on track for being back in stock September? I would definitely want to order a pair when they become available. Regards, Tony.

Udo Huber (udo@xxx.com)
Datum:So 03 Jul 2016 11:33:46 CEST
 Hallo Hr van de Walle, nach anfänglichen Lieferschwierigkeiten hat am Ende doch alles einwandfrei funktioniert. Alle gelieferten Produkte sind von sehr guter Qualität - hervorzuheben sind im besonderen die EML 300 BXl Endröhren und die GZ 37 Gleichrichterröhren. Als Trafos und Übertrager habe ich Hashimoto Produkte verwendet und das Zusammenspiel ergibt ein wunderbar musikalisches Klangerlebnis. vielen Dank für ihre Bemühungen mfg Udo Huber

Palmas (jfpalmeiro@xxx.pt)
Datum:Fr 17 Jun 2016 17:08:19 CEST
Betreff:bulk supply and some "delicatessen"
 It all whent smoothly, from the order, order correction to the delivery. It is good to have a reliable, friendly, knowlegeable and fast supplier. Also has great products at great prices.

P. Sabrsul (pesab@xxx.at)
Datum:Do 19 Mai 2016 17:14:51 CEST
Betreff:2 Stk. EML 5U4G Mesh Gleichrichter
 Wie immer, fantastische Ware mit bestem Service.

Adrian Parvulescu (Adrian.Parvulescu@xxx.net)
Datum:Do 21 Apr 2016 02:37:48 CEST
Betreff:Enhanced meter scale and new charts
 Dear Jac, The meter scale looks better than the original one and obviously more useful. The color charts looks great also. Maybe a little cryptic until you get use to them; definitely much better then the original ones. The web site is also unique in providing information not to find anywhere else regarding Russian Kalibr L3-3. Definitely something to recommend. Thank you again, Kind regards, Adrian

Steve Smythe (sama59@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 13 Apr 2016 20:07:47 CEST
Betreff:Thank you Jac!
 Jac, I really enjoy your website. It is really a great reference. I think I have really read every page. Obviously I am a tube fanatic :-). I even purchased a tube tester based on your recommendation and I am very happy with it. Thank you for the wonderful site and keep up the great work! Kind regards, Steve Smythe

Werner Gütiger (wguetiger@xxx.ch)
Datum:Fr 08 Apr 2016 14:54:44 CEST
Betreff:Lundahl LL1948
 Guten Tag Herr van de Walle, die Lundahls sind bei mir gut verpackt angekommen und sind bereits seit ein paar Tagen im Einsatz. Klanglich gibt es gegenüber der asym. Kabelführung absolut keine Einbusse, aber die Brummschleife ist definitiv ausgemerzt! Die LL1948 Trafos sind absolute Spitze! Kein Wunder, das ist mein Jahrgang und der war ziemlich gut, ha ha. Für ihre freundliche tel. Auskunft möchte ich mich nachträglich herzlich bedanken. Freundliche Grüsse aus CH, Werner Gütiger

J. Leopold (juergen.leopold@xxx.de)
Datum:Mo 28 Mär 2016 18:12:57 CEST
 Hallo Herr van de Walle, vielen Dank für die zügige Lieferung. Von der Qualität der NOS Tesla-Röhren bin ich bisher noch jedes Mal überzeugt. Die JJ-Fans mögen bei dem Nachbau bleiben, dann halten die Altbestände noch etwas länger. Freundliche Grüße J.Leopold

Ratmir (yamrat@xxx.ru)
Datum:Sa 19 Mär 2016 16:08:34 CET
 Очень доволен! Молодец Jac! Надеюсь на дальнейшее сотрудничество.

Klaus Boening (Klaus.boening@xxx.de)
Datum:Do 10 Mär 2016 16:11:37 CET
Betreff:Lieferung Lundahl Transformatoren
 Lieber Herr van de Walle, danke für die zügige Lieferung des "Schwedeneisens". Alles war sehr sorgfältig verpackt und kam wohlbehalten an. Vielen Dank auch, dass die sehr kurzfristige Änderung der Bestellung realisiert werden konnte. Viele Grüße aus Dresden K. Boening

Lukasz Fikus (lukasz@xxx.eu)
Datum:Fr 26 Feb 2016 00:16:25 CET
Betreff:EML 45 Globe Mesh triodes
 Hi Jac, only today I can say I listened to the new tubes properly at lengths. I had a listening marathon connected to the cable designing. These tubes re define the word TUBE QUALITY. They are a revelation, sort of like getting a new pair of ears. Extremely addictive. I am relieved because I never knew if they will be that good. I listened with new cables and with Globes last night to Lampizator Golden Gate DAC running on 4 of 45's and one 5u4G Mesh rectifier and honestly this was the best audio experience of my life. Some references are posted on lampizator website and facebook. Thanks and Regards Łukasz Fikus

Gabriel (tonka.gabrie@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 03 Feb 2016 17:30:34 CET
Betreff:Cards for L3-3 Tube tester
 Cards are very practical and very well designed. I absolutely recommend it to other L3-3 users. And thanks a lot for your work around this great machine. Wish you all the best and hope to deal with you again! Gabriel

Helmut Stiasny (@sy58@xxx.at)
Datum:Mi 27 Jan 2016 15:41:30 CET
Betreff:EML 5U4G
 Lieber Jac van de Walle, die Gleichrichterröhre von EML ist eine Wucht. Der Bass ist sehr definiert und die Ortbarkeit ist phänomenal. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass eine Gleichrichterröhre so einen großen Einfluss auf den Klang haben kann. LG Helmut

SERGEY KUTUZOV (sergekutuzoff@xxx.ru)
Datum:Fr 04 Dez 2015 07:00:44 CET
Betreff:LUNDAHL-Choke, Transf.,6X5,EML-300B,-300BMesh,EML 5U4G-Mesh
 Jac большое спасибо! Сотрудничаю 3 года, заказы обрабатываются и отправляются быстро, упаковка-на высшем уровне. Товар-качественный и цены радуют. За это время с комплектующими от Жака собрал моноблоки на EML-300B и EML-300BMesh, EML-300BMesh-приятно удивила, пред. на 5687, пред. на 76 Raytheon, усь на 45 . В общем всем рекомендую. Сергей Кутузов.

Phil Ness (phil@xxx.uk)
Datum:Di 01 Dez 2015 20:07:30 CET
Betreff:LL1649 Transformers
 Hi Jac, My order arrived safely within 5 days of dispatch, thank you. Best regards, Phil

Joaquim (singleendedpentodes@xxx.com)
Datum:Do 26 Nov 2015 12:26:54 CET
Betreff:Compra de 2 válvulas Emission Labs 300B XLS
 Señor Jac, Debe disculparme por dos motivos: uno, por los días que me retrasado en dar mi opinión (o feedback)y, dos, por expresarme en español, aunque prefiero hacerlo así porque no domino el inglés y los traductores de internet a veces no funcionan perfectamente. Por lo que respecta a la compra de la pareja de Emission Labs 300B XLS aunque, en general, no me gusta comprar a través de internet, debo decir que la operación realizada con su empresa, Jac-Music, ha sido PERFECTA !!!! Todo perfecto !!!! La información de su web es PRECISA Y CONCRETA 100%. El formulario de compra pro-forma y el modo de realizar la compra y el pago, NO ME HA CAUSADO NINGÚN PROBLEMA !!!! Desde luego, que si puedo recomendar POSITIVAMENTE Jac-Music a otros aficionados a las válvulas, etc, lo haré con mucho gusto. Ha sido un placer tratar con usted y su empresa. Un saludo. Atentamente, Joaquim Martínez

Xiao (xxx@gmail.com)
Datum:Di 03 Nov 2015 06:40:40 CET
Betreff:AD1 tubes, Lundahl choke, Mundorf caps, Magnova socket
 Super fast delivery, Safe packaging, all items are in pristine state. Thank you Mr. Jac!

Xiao (xxx@gmail.com)
Datum:Do 22 Okt 2015 03:12:04 CEST
Betreff:1 pair of AD1s, 1 pair of Lundahl choke, Mundorf supreme caps, P8 socket.
 Very fast delivery, Safe packing, all items are in pristine state. Thank you Mr. Jac, wish you all the best!

Günter Schnitzler (guenter.schnitzler@xxx.at)
Datum:Fr 21 Aug 2015 23:33:46 CEST
Betreff:Kauf von Röhren
 Sehr freundliche und kompetente Beratung; rasche Lieferung. Alles bestens.

Roy Callahan (roycallahan@xxx.net)
Datum:Mi 19 Aug 2015 23:59:58 CEST
Betreff:Western Electric 300B vs Emission Labs 300B
 I hope you are well. iw anted to update you on my audio things. i have made some large changes (typical of audiophile yes?). i moved into old WEstern Electric speakers - vintage 555 drivers with GIP 597 tweeter. Horns are reproduction of the original WE 13a (see attached picture) made by Audio 16 folks. Woofer is slot loaded baffle using EV 30w pair. i am extremely pleased with the sound quality of this set up although there are a lot of variables to contend with which affect the sound. i am using Toshi's WE 91a clone amps. While i have been using all WE tubes (310a, 274a and 300b) i recently tried the EML300b (from George Lenz). i have to say that the sound is impressive right out of the box -very robust yet with good tonality and excellent transparency. I have two pair of WE 300 b (1997 reissue and 1959 originals) and the EML 300b produces a more colorful, life like sound overall. i must say that this was surprising, but it is what i am hearing. The WE tubes sound very 'nice' but are missing the vitality of the EML. i am hoping the modest amount of 'aggression' in the EML will dissipate as they break in. So i just wanted to congratulate you on your 300b tube, it is a winner. Of course now that i am familiar with the EML 300b i have to ask - how is the Mesh 300b? My system is extremely efficient so i really don't need anything close to the power of a 300b, so perhaps i should consider the Mesh 300b? All the best Jac roy

Edvardas Naulickas (edvardas66@xxx.com)
Datum:Di 04 Aug 2015 14:19:41 CEST
Betreff:Lundahl LL1627/185 mA-AM output transformers with amorph core
 Thank you very much. I got them very quickly and well packed. I will try them in my DYI 300B PSE amp :)

D Jones (davjo@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 22 Jul 2015 21:43:50 CEST
 Very well packaged and promptly delivered. I am very pleased. The book was better even than I hoped! I look forward to dealing with JAC Music again.

Riccardo secchi (richibel@xxx.it)
Datum:Sa 04 Jul 2015 15:49:15 CEST
Betreff:300B Svtek
 Perfect tubes and very fast delivery. Thanks.

Damien / Geneva / Switzerland (relab77@xxx.ch)
Datum:Di 23 Jun 2015 18:24:24 CEST
Betreff:EML 2A3-Mesh tubes pair
 Perfect and safe package! No problem or dammage during transport. The tubes are in pristine condition, perfectly matched, very nice construction. Sound is very good. AAA+++ SELLER+++👍👍👍Perfect deal😃😃😃

Krzysztof (Chris) - Poland (kasetyvhs@xxx.pl)
Datum:Do 18 Jun 2015 09:19:37 CEST
Betreff:Tube EML 5U4G Mesh - production after 2011
 Jac Hello, thank you for the opportunity to listen to music through a new vacuum tube EML 5U4GM. I know it's early yet give exact final opinion, because the tube must bask but from the first time after installation hear the sound of the great progress that has been improved in relation to the pipe before 2011. In addition, I will add that in a direct comparison EML 5U4GM in relation to the NOS tubes GEC U52 (1956) EML tubes generally fared better, ie. There is a larger presence of music that goes out to the listener and makes you emotions - and this is a very big advantage !. Midrange and treble can not be compared with other tubes regardless of price because it is sensational. The quality of the instruments falls like a live concert. EML has only less - weaker gradation (pallets) on bass, but I think that after 100 hours will be much better. Overall, the sound of EML 5U4GM less dark (veil) and performs better as GEC U52 - far in my audio system! I can give a small comparison quality of the various tubes in relation to the live music on the assumption that the music played live - 100% 1. EML 5U4G Mesh after 2011 - 96% 2. G.E.C. U52 (1956) - 92% 3. EML 5U4G Mesh before 2011 - 90% 4. Mullard GZ37 - 87% 5. Svetlana 5C3S tubes - 85% 4% leave on tubes that may not yet have heard of. Regards, Chris

Fabio.campisi (fabio.campisi@xxx.it)
Datum:Di 16 Jun 2015 23:24:48 CEST
 Highly regarded, great products. Thank you

feli (feli@xxx.com)
Datum:Di 16 Jun 2015 11:31:39 CEST
Betreff:EML 300B
 Shipping fast and ultra secure packaging. 300B individually numbered and tested. Very highly recommended!Spedizione velocissima ed ultra sicura in imballo veramente ottimo. 300B singolarmente numerate e testate. Molto, molto consigliato!Grazie Jac.

Ralph H. (zharrisr@xxx.com)
Datum:So 14 Jun 2015 00:57:52 CEST
Betreff:Adzam ECC35
 Received the ECC35 pair safely today, very well-packaged for a long journey. Thank you again Jac, for shipping to the United States! Excellent rare old brown base tubes; I couldn't be happier. (These will find prominent position in the first stage of my best preamp.) Great NOS valves in perfect condition, thank you again! Jac makes it easy ... the thing about ordering tubes from Jac: one doesn't ever need to bother throwing them into the tube tester, as with Jac, you can just rest assured. Jac has the best gear, the best tube-practices, and the best knowledge; he's probably forgotten more about vacuum tubes than most of us will ever know anyway.. Again, I thank you! Best Ralph Harris Califiornia

Igor (viktoria@xxx.cz)
Datum:Di 05 Mai 2015 12:52:39 CEST
Betreff:Valve Art KT66 pwer amps tube
 Mr. Jac, alles war super und gerne wieder. Vielen dank !

Tom Fineis (tfineis@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 13 Apr 2015 16:54:27 CEST
Betreff:TWF Kondo Assistance - Thank you! (EML2A3-S)
 Hello Jac – John finished my Kondo on Saturday. He was meticulous. I am lucky I found him. I’ve not had the chance to reinstall yet, but perhaps sometime this week. I will let you know what I hear. During the course of his debrief with me, John indicated that he consulted with you frequently during the course of his inspection and calibration. I want to thank you for your assistance with my amplifier. You could have just sold the tubes and ended your participation like some other retailers would have. I know this took some time and attention on your part to assist John. Many thanks. You come highly recommended by me. Tom P.S. John remarked several times to me as to the quality of the 2A3 tubes. He said they were “rock stable” in their performance over the course of his measurements. I feel I got what I paid for.

Barry Black (Bblack_uk@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 30 Mär 2015 10:58:48 CEST
Betreff:Emission Labs Globe 45
 Thank you Jac for the wonderful Globe 45 tubes received this month. I have replaced 5 years old solid plate tubes that are still performing wonderfully however the Globe 45s are another step up being more spacious, more micro dynamic and even quieter and this is running AC heaters with no hum pot or artificial centre tap. Your service and product quality is beyond many others. Long may it continue. Barry Black, London, UK

R.J.F Woertman (rwoe1971@xxx.com)
Datum:So 29 Mär 2015 19:16:49 CEST
 Dies war mein ersten mahl das ich bei Jac teile bestellt habe und bestimmt auch nicht der letzte. Meine Fragen wurden schnell und zur sache kundig beantwortet. Fur meinem project werde ich im lauf dieses Jahr bestimmt noch einige andere Teile brauchen und ein grosteil werde ich wieder bei Jac in bestellung geben. Danke !

Vincent M. (mourier.vince@xxx.com)
Datum:Fr 27 Mär 2015 22:48:02 CET
Betreff:Emission Labs 300B XLS
 These tubes replace standard Shuguang 300B tubes on my Halgorythme SE300B mono blocks (excellent amplifiers). After a first period of a disappointing listening experience, I can now say, after almost 70 hours of burn in, that these are great tubes. Deep and accurate bass, definition is impressive, with a real improvement of the presence of the musicians and the upper part of the frequency range goes far with clarity without any stress. Compared to the 300B Shuguang (or Psvane as well), they appears very straight without any accentuation of mediums. Very well packed. Thanks Jac.

Daniele Coen (Daniele.Coen@xxx.com)
Datum:Fr 27 Mär 2015 19:56:39 CET
Betreff:Emmission Labs 300B-XLS
 Jac, Really great tubes thank you! I am still at 16h burn-in but I could not wait any longer to write you. I have raised the HT of my amps from 420 to 470V to better use the 300b-XLS and I got definitely more punch, power and dynamics from the start, but after few hours of burn-in I already appreciate a beautiful soundstage, wider and deeper, more sense of space between instruments. Frequency extension both in the bass and treble is still developing but I can already enjoy it and more of all I am enjoying a great sense of reality and presence of musicians. Bravo!!! The amps are based on an interstage transformer schematic by Audio Note with some modifications and all Bartolucci's top level transformers and inductors. The rest of the system is taking advantage of my high efficiency ribbon-planar speakers, the prototype of the Leonardos. If you plan a trip to Italy please let me know because you have to come to my place and listen. I promise you it is quite an experience: planar speakers with SET 300b! Ciao Daniele Coen

Antonis (antonios.kannas@xxx.gr)
Datum:Mi 18 Feb 2015 12:10:38 CET
Betreff:EMISSION 300b
 Items as promised. Fast shipping. Safe packaging. Absolutely satisfied. I will definitely recommend Jac to my tube-sound-loving friends. As for the EMISSION 300b tubes, oh man! they really glow (even after 10 hours only).

Régis Débois (regis.debois@xxx.fr)
Datum:Di 27 Jan 2015 23:24:53 CET
Betreff:quad of KT88 Valve Art
 fast shipment, very safe packaging. The tubes work fine in my Jolida JD801S. Danke Jac, gern wieder!

luigi porroni (lporroni@xxx.it)
Datum:Sa 17 Jan 2015 20:34:59 CET
Betreff:EML 2A3 MESH+5U4G MESH
 wow,spedizione immediata nonostante le feste di natale,il suono di queste valvole sono veramente eccezionali,come d'altronde le dimensioni e la costruzione,davvero notevole,sono contento che nel 2015 ancora costruiscono queste splendide valvole,hanno completamente sovrastato le vecchie NOS.

Danny Siaw (dansiaw@xxx.com)
Datum:Mi 07 Jan 2015 09:55:28 CET
Betreff:5U4G Mesh EML
 Dear Jac Thanks for your follow up. I have received the product successfully. The sound is better than my previous rectifier. Thank you. Regards Danny

C. van der Wolf (@c.vdwolf@xxx.nl)
Datum:So 04 Jan 2015 14:21:58 CET
Betreff:EML 300 B XLS buizen
 Eindelijk mijn 11 jaar oude EML 300 B XLS vervangen door een stel nieuwe exemplaren. Na ca. zeven jaar op een hoog vermogen instelling van 45 Watt gedraaid te hebben was hun emissie afgenomen en de bias instelling sterk ongelijk geworden. Vervolgens hebben ze nog ruim een jaar op een 28 Watt instelling gelopen en welke instelling je ook kiest hun fijne klank blijft behouden. Met het tegenwoordige grote aanbod van 300 B buizen is het maken van een keuze er niet eenvoudiger op geworden, maar eenmaal verslingert aan de gedetailleerde en neutrale klank van de EML 300 B XLS buizen was het niet moeilijk om weer voor dezelfde buizen te kiezen. De nieuwe buizen zijn netjes gelijk in hun bias instelling en spelen direct al alsof ze nooit anders gedaan hebben. Mijn auto bias regeling met roosterspanning uitlezing laat zien dat ze snel hun stabiele werkpunt gevonden hebben. Samengevat gewoon een geweldig stel buizen die ik eenieder kan aanbevelen. Met dank voor de snelle verzending en zorgvuldige verpakking. Een tevreden 300 B luisteraar.

PA3BPAT (PA3BPAT@xxx.com)
Datum:Di 23 Dez 2014 05:40:09 CET
 Just read an article on KT88 predecessors and derivates. Rather educational indeed! Although, looks like put-aside project, unfortunatelly... I am looking for some historical data on KT120/KT150. Which years they were developed? When came into production? Are they tubes of choice for new design, or just fancy replacement for KT88? Thanks in advance!

Uwe Teubert (u.teubert@xxx.de)
Datum:Do 20 Nov 2014 20:53:49 CET
Betreff:Tesla E88CC Gold
 Ein Pärchen gemachte Tesla E88CC ist sicher verpackt bei mir angekommen und ich habe sogleich die EH 6922 in meinem Pathos Logos Hybridverstärker ausgetauscht. Seitdem ist der Verstärker nicht wieder zu erkennen. Insbesondere die Schärfe in den Höhen ist weg und der Bass entspricht dem was meine beiden Swans M1B können. Dies war sicher nicht der letzte Kauf bei Jacmusic.

Ralph Harris (zharrisr@xxx.com)
Datum:Do 20 Nov 2014 20:11:27 CET
Betreff:Product purchase - AVO test gear
 Jac is one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever talked to concerning electronic gear/vacuum tubes/testing instruments, etc. And one of the friendliest as well; he put up with lots of email from me about this and that, answering each and every one! And was more than willing, and helpful, explaining things to me of which I had no idea about. An enlightening experience really. Used product purchased by me came in pristine condition, both functionally and cosmetically. Packing? Some of the best I've ever seen. He was more than willing to post a large, heavy, and somewhat delicate parcel to me here in California. It arrived most timely, and in pristine fully intact condition. Valves, electronics, technology, test gear.. This is a man here who most thoroughly knows, understands, and loves this stuff. One can easily tell his heart is really into it. So therefore, one is probably going to get the Best product and service. Every time. This is a trusted, first class operation here. Thank you very much Jac!

Pierluigi Cumin (wigi__@xxx.it)
Datum:Di 04 Nov 2014 14:45:14 CET
Betreff:EML 5U4G mesh + EML 20B
 EML 20B one tube amplifier (per channel) + 5U4G mesh rectifier: one of (if not) the best things i've ever heared. Fantastic tubes, extreme quality, impressive packaging. Wonderful listening right out of the box ... and while they burn in the tubes are becoming even better. With these tubes i have the sensation of being on the top of a mountain and cannot go any higher, in the listening quality perspective.

hailemarc (hailemarc@xxx.fr)
Datum:Do 30 Okt 2014 18:17:08 CET
Betreff:e83cc tesla tubes
 Bonjour Monsieur, Thank you for this transaction. The e83cc tesla nos tubes sound beautifully. Best regards. Marc

Simon Lye (sjlye@xxx.com)
Datum:Do 09 Okt 2014 19:57:00 CEST
Betreff:EML 300B Mesh
 Hi Jac, I have now received the extra 2 valves, and they work perfectly, so perfecltly, in fact, I am having trouble keeping to your 4hour limit at burn in. I have listened for more than the 50 hours, so I hope I can now listen for up to 8 hours at a time to the sublime music. I wish that people could hear that low power does not mean low musical content. Anyway, thank you for an excellent product. Best Regards Simon Lye

raime (info@gassner.xxx)
Datum:So 28 Sep 2014 09:48:47 CEST
Betreff:Yamamoto Röhrensockel
 Wenn Sie einer "Krachenden" Röhre begegnen : Denken Sie zuerst mal an den Röhrensockel ! Schon häufig hat mir der Ersatz durch einen Yamamoto Teflonsockel vor den Kosten einer neuen, guten Röhre bewahrt. Plötzlich ist das Krachen weg, die Röhre erscheint nur noch minimal mikrofonisch, das Klangbild wird sauberer weil der Klirr sinkt ! Ein Superteil , das Jac da empfiehlt ! Danke Jac.

Greg (gregdee@xxx.pl)
Datum:Fr 26 Sep 2014 18:09:28 CEST
Betreff:EML 45 Mesh, 2A3 Mesh, 45 Solid Globe ,RGN 2504 Rectifier, Type 80 rectifier
 These are just the my latest buys from Jac. Not first and certainly not last as well. That the all those valves perform flawlessly is just the fact.They tends to be notoriously better than many NOS valves of the same kind. Particularly rectifiers are the league of their own. Nothing comes close to them, honestly.In my opinion these are the best valves one can buy. I still have my first pair of Solid Plate 45'd I bought from Jac at 2004 - so 10 years for now they are playing in my Yammy A-08s amp and they still shows over 80% emission on AVO tester. If you think then for the value for money they are simply excellent - daily use of pair of the TOP CLASS TRIODES cost you less than a pack of cigarette; ) I am not smoking anyway, BTW, so do the math and enjoy top class listening without going into Ch-fi SWAMP! Support instead EU Economy. To close that Jac is a real gentleman to trade with.No delivery ever slept. All on time , all tracked and most important all packed excellent and as Idiot proof as it is only possible ;) My last RGN 2504 rectifier- one of its kind ever made - came in the box I could pack my German Pointer in to it - that was a size to protect the treasure inside ! Thanks a lot and till the next deal Jac.

Adrian T (nekoni.koban@xxx.com)
Datum:Sa 06 Sep 2014 14:18:46 CEST
Betreff:The audio enthusiasts of Denmark thank you..
 Magel fint ​​produkter og god service, fra en meget kyndig (og nice) herre, der er forpligtet til at hvad han gør. Hvorfor beskæftige sig med nogle idiot på Ebay, der måske eller måske ikke sælge dig autentiske kvalitet varer? Hvis Jac ikke har det, er det normalt ikke værd at have. Især hvis du er interesseret i super kvalitet Emission Labs rør, dette er det eneste sted at komme.

Rune Bjelland (runebjelland@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 01 Sep 2014 10:51:18 CEST
Betreff:AVVT 32B SL
 I ordered 4 AVVT 32B SL tubes from Jac, they arrived extremely well packed! Very good service and excellent tubes, highly recommended!

Rune Bjelland (runebjelland@xxx.xxx)
Datum:So 31 Aug 2014 11:22:03 CEST
Betreff:Shipment data
 Hi Jac, I have received all the tubes in great condition. Very impressive packing:) And they sound absolutely fantastic, a huge step up from my TJ mesh! Thank you very much! Best Regards, Rune Bjelland

Hans Kortenbach (jmh.kortenbach@xxx.com)
Datum:Fr 22 Aug 2014 22:38:15 CEST
Betreff:EML300B Mesh vs. Western Electic 300B
 Beste Jac, Zoals beloofd stuur ik je hierbij een wat uitgebreidere impressie omtrent de EML 300B Mesh buizen. Ik ben vanavond bij Cees op bezoek geweest en we hebben samen geluisterd en onderstaand heb ik onze onze bevindingen zo goed mogelijk beschreven: We luisterden ondermeer naar de CD "For the stars" met Anne Sophie von Otter en Elvis Costello en die CD hebben we hoofdzakelijk gebruikt als vergelijkingsmateriaal. We hebben afwisselend geluisterd naar de Western Electric 300B en de EML 300B Mesh. De Western Electric is uiteraard een prachtige buis maar de EML biedt op een aantal aspecten toch een fraaiere weergave die je dieper in de muzikale beleving voert. • De stemweergave van Anne Sophie is bij de EML opmerkelijk beter in vergelijking met de WE; er is meer expressie en zeggingskracht in de voordracht, er is een fijnzinnige tederheid in de zacht gezongen woorden, de articulaties en nuanceringen in de stem zijn meer verfijnd en "tastbaar" in vergelijking met de WE. • Klanktimbres van de stem en de muziekinstrumenten zijn genuanceerder en warmer. • Er is een zeer aangename "vloeiendheid" en transparantie. Kortom de WE presteert in wat minder in de bovenbeschreven aspecten en als je dit eenmaal hebt ondervonden en doorvoeld kies je absoluut voor de EML. De EML instelling was tijdens onze luistersessie 300 Volt en 17 Watt; Cees gaat de instelling echter verhogen naar 22 Watt. Hartelijke groet en ik wens je een prettig weekeinde! Hans. p.s. Het is ook zeker vermeldenswaard dat we de CD's via fieldcoil luidsprekers hebben beluisterd.

Frank de Swart (fds@XXX.nl)
Datum:Fr 22 Aug 2014 12:24:18 CEST
Betreff:EML 300B-XLS, 12au7, 12ax7
  All tubes received, no parcel damage. They (and other smal items) where excepional well packed, Thank you.

Falk Eichmann (falk@xxx.de)
Datum:Di 24 Jun 2014 21:30:38 CEST
Betreff:1605 ist fertig (schon länger) - auf YOUTUBE
 Moin Jac, meine 1605 ist ja jetzt schon seit ein paar Monaten fertig und dürfte auf dem Frickelfest jetzt durch den Stresstest gehen. Hat mit einer glatten Eins bestanden. Spielt toll und alles Andere, was ich bisher gehört hat glatt gegen die Wand. Eine sehr schöne Röhre. Ich habe ein kleines Video vom Event ins Netz gestellt: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKfwsEcA7dI Liebe Grüße Falk=

louis Facee Schaeffer (l.schaeffer@xxx.nl)
Datum:Sa 14 Jun 2014 12:16:17 CEST
Betreff:2xQuad EL84 (russian NOS) and 1 Lundahl choke.
 all products in good condition received; they where very well packed!, Thank you.

José Ángel Mascuñano Morcillo (mascumor@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 02 Jun 2014 20:18:26 CEST
Betreff:Pair of Tesla E 88CC Gold pins gold grid
 En primer lugar el envio tardó más de lo previsto.Se formalizó el pago el 6 de Mayo, se envió el 21 de Mayo y se recibió en España el 26 del mismo mes, es decir 14 días laborables. Considero que es excesivo en comparación con otros pedidos. Por otra parte el envio estaba perfectamente empaquetado y llegó en perfectas condiciones, eso es de agradecer. Por último las válvulas Tesla E88CC gold pins gold grid son extraordinarias, ya que tras un rodaje pertinente, el sonido que ofrecen en mi preamplificador es de primera categoría en todo el rango de frecuencias, pero especialmente en las bajas frecuencias y en las medio-altas, los platillos suenan con una frescura y naturalidad como nunca había escuchado antes, por otra parte los redobles de tambor y el bombo extraordinarios. He probado varias válvulas de previo de este tipo ( E88CC), Telefunken, Siemens, Miniwatt HQ, y puedo decir con toda claridad que son las mejores que he oido nunca además de tener un precio muy razonable. Por todo ello, gracias Jac por poner a nuestra disposición unas válvulas tan buenas además de muy bien testadas. Mi mayor recomendación a todos los aficionados al mundo de las válvulas.

José Gomes (jjgaudio@xxx.pt)
Datum:So 06 Apr 2014 00:31:01 CEST
Betreff:Emission Labs AD1M
 Dear Jac, I have now completed one month with the EML AD1s. My amplifier can accept the AD1 and British tubes triodes like PX4 and PP3/250. In the past I have tried many NOS AD1´s, including the Loewe Opta AD1 and the Telefunken EBIII. Sincerely, I preferred (by far!) to hear trough the British triodes, specially the Mazda PP3/250. Well, the situation changed with the EML AD1! Very clear and transparent (like the PP3/250) but with an increased corps allowing a perfect marriage between Iwata horns and a Altec 416-8B woofer. Definitively, as EML says, NOT JUST A REPLACEMENT BUT AN IMPROVEMENT! I am afraid that, with the the EML AD1 I have (at last) found "the perfect directly heated triode"! José Gomes

Takane sato (rshmj998@xxx.jp)
Datum:So 30 Mär 2014 13:53:32 CEST
Betreff:EML 300B + EH 6SN7
 Hello Jac, Received the tubes. Thank you for excellent service and perfect shipment. Good Job! The first sound impression only two days is high resolution in clear. I am looking forward to the sound is to be improved after extended burn in. Best regards, Takane

Dave Pennington (@dthomas.pennimgton@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 10 Mär 2014 02:20:15 CET
Betreff:Emission 300B tubes
 Initial inquiry gained quick responses with clear answers to my questions even with a nine hour time difference. Once paid I expected a quicker shipment. It took over a week to fill and ship without any acknowledgement that my order was in process. However once shipped everything went fine. Overall my experience was satisfactory and I would certainly reorder future requirements as the product quality is very good and international shipping was without problems.

Andrzej (andrzejpodsiadly@xxx.pl)
Datum:Mo 03 Mär 2014 20:46:48 CET
Betreff:tube emmision labs 300b-mesh
 Wonderful tubes. Very good contact. Very helpful seller. The best packaging. Both - the seller and the tube I onestly recommend.

Antanas (antanas.kilda@xxx.com)
Datum:Mo 17 Feb 2014 21:52:44 CET
Betreff:panel meter
 I am absolutelly satisfied. Thank You. Antanas

Robert Berka (r.berka@xxx.de)
Datum:Sa 15 Feb 2014 15:52:20 CET
Betreff:Tesla el 34
 Hallo Jac , Das Paket ist gut angekommen, die Röhren arbeiten in einem Unison Research s2k ( der Verstärker arbeitet nach dem Umbau in ,,Pseudo Triode ``Schaltung ) ohne Probleme. Der Klang ist jetzt nach wenigen Betriebsstunden ausgezeichnet, deutlich ausgewogener Klang im Vergleich zu den TAD`s die zwar ihre Arbeit sehr gut machten, allerdings leichte Mitten Betonung haben. ( sicherlich in einem Gitarren Amp gewünscht ) . Noch mal vielen Dank ! R.Berka

Michael Pohlmann (michael.pohlmann@xxx.com)
Datum:Fr 07 Feb 2014 13:09:50 CET
Betreff:Feedback on Shipment and Products
 I am absolutelly satisfied! Jac did a fantastic job in helping to pick the right parts and components. Shipment was very fast and goods arrived in excellent condition. The quality of Jacs parts is outstanding. I can recommend his webshop without hesitation!

Danilo Colombo (danco.vim@xxx.com)
Datum:Fr 07 Feb 2014 12:32:11 CET
Betreff:Lundahl ll7902
 Excellent service and fast shipping.

Dan (xxx@yahoo.com.sg)
Datum:Di 04 Feb 2014 12:57:23 CET
Betreff:Yamamoto, Lundahl ...
 Among many DYI suppliers, Jac it is the one of few to answer with light speed, ready to help and advice with competence on choice of the components. After the payment delivery was made in no time which I think is a major advantage when we think some other suppliers need months… It is my first purchase at Jac, but this was enough to make me put this address on the top of my list. A good farmer makes a good farm. Congratulation Jac, well done and thak you.

aguilo (i.j.aguilo@xxx.fr)
Datum:Sa 25 Jan 2014 15:12:27 CET
Betreff:reception kt66
 Hallo gut an die KT66 Röhren matin.emballage sie alle die gleiche Tortur sysmique.Ceci der 4 Röhren 89 hat ok, aber zwei 50 Ampere 1 und 2 für den anderen 1 oder 1 und 1 Rohr 1 Rohr 50 durch Verstärker herzlich J.AGUILO

Cattet (dcattet@xxx.fr)
Datum:Mo 20 Jan 2014 16:33:16 CET
Betreff:EL34 Tesla
 Bien reçu les tubes,parfaitement emballés, je vais les tester rapidement. Amicalement. AC

Alex Peychev APL Hi-Fi, Ltd. (info@xxx.com)
Datum:Sa 18 Jan 2014 14:15:42 CET
Betreff:EML 2A3 Mesh
 Greetings EML Team, I cannot find the words describing well enough how amazingly good the EML 2A3 Mesh sounds in my application. I have not heard such sound quality from any other 2A3 or 300B like tube, regardless of price, New or New Old Stock. Yes, in my opinion, your 2A3 Mesh sounds much better than the vintage ones too! For me, no other 2A3 tube can possess such naturalness, richness, linearity, detail and 3D presentation, making the listening experience truly remarkable, and the closest to a live performance! Thank you for creating such a treasure, you are the best! Thank you Jac for the exemplary service, I appreciate it very much! Best regards, Alex Peychev

Paul F. (psf@xxx.eu)
Datum:Fr 13 Dez 2013 15:38:33 CET
Betreff:Yamamoto A06-3 Amplifier with AD1 + AZ4 mesh tube by Emission Labs.
 Jac gave me good clear advice when I called him more than once to discuss purchase of a Yamamoto A06-3. I took the amplifier with EML AD1 mesh plate valves for use in London. Jac offered to make me a single EML AZ4 regulator valve, the first one EML have made. I have enjoyed the amplifier for a year and a half and have used it for more than 400 hours mainly using an LP record player (A23 Platine Verdier record player, Tri-planar arm and Decca SC4E cartridge with paratrace stylus) and a Croft valve preamplifier through Loth X Troubadour single full range Stamm driver horn loudspeakers. It is a wonderful, powerful (with high efficiency horns) natural sounding amplifier. Classical and jazz solo piano resonates with full rich sound, as does ensemble jazz, chamber music and orchestral music. Reeds and voices are almost real. Bass is fast and satisfyingly rounded and full. Live Robert Wyatt, Fela Kuti, Van Dyke Parks ("DIscover America" and "Super Chief"), Miles Davis live in Japan - "Gondwana", Pink Floyd, Randy Newman and all the rest sound full, natural and exciting, as do Radu Lupu on piano, the Amadeus Quartet, and the BerlinPhil under various conductors, not least Ferenc Fricsay. This amplifier really drives the fast responding Decca cartridge and paper loudspeaker cones very well. It is everything I hoped for in an analogue music producing power amplifier. It has the punch, power and command of the cleverly modified powerful solid state Quad 303 mono bloc amplifiers I used before, with none of the harsh granular glare. I am very pleased with this amplifier. After delivery and use with the "standard" NOS AZ4 valve, the specially made EML AZ4 arrived a few months later. Wow. Out of the box, it immediately gave a live, dynamic clean and rich more open sound. I have not used the NOS valve since. I have not heard this amplifier with the NOS AD1 valves. I suspect the EML mesh plate AD1 valves, if the EML AZ4 is an indication, are very much more open and live sounding than the NOS valves. But I cannot verify this. A great amplifier, and Jac is an open, highly knowledgeable and reliable supplier who will give you good information and guidance. This Yamamoto A06-3 power amplifier concludes my system changes, it is now a mature system, and I am delighted to listen to my records. all good wishes Paul

Âugusto Sá Monteiro (asamonteiro@xxx.com)
Datum:Di 10 Dez 2013 15:38:10 CET
Betreff:Wonder Class MC LUNDAHL LL1941 Ag (Silver) COBALT Core
 Hello JAC, What stroke me most in the LL1941Ag was the addition of subtlety and refinement that overlap the enormous increase of definition, spatiality, aeration and timbre quality. This is perfection. Any resemblances with the artifacts of the so called highend, that simply give us a single form and show a multitude of details without achieving the authenticity of music, are mirages. If this matters here is the "environment" where they “live”: Michell’s ORBE turntable, DC motor, SME309 MkII arm, Koetsu Rosewood and Crystal cable between arm and valve (all TFK) phono preamp circuit. I must present my sincere tribute to LUNDAHL for this masterpiece. "Hoc opus hic labore est". Best regards, Augusto

Vladspb62 (v122212@xxx.com)
Datum:So 08 Dez 2013 10:18:14 CET
Betreff:EML 45 MESH
 Спасибо Jac за очередную прекрасную поставку. Приобрел EML 45 mesh - прекрасная лампа. Использовал ее в связке EML45 - RCA845 (первой лампой в усилители на 845 лампе). Прекрасный результат. Очень сбалансированная лампа на всех частотах, особенно могу отметить динамику на мид басе, прекрасная детализация высоких, объемная 3D сцена (перепробовал много винтажных пар: RCA Globe, RCA, Raytheon, Sylvania, Philco и пр.) - рекомендую, в целом этот "новодел" заслуживает внимания - достойная альтернатива винтажным лампам.

Sepp Ebenberger (@ sepp.ebenberger@xxx.at)
Datum:So 01 Dez 2013 07:11:34 CET
Betreff:bestellte Ware
 Die Ware (Übertrager) ist super verpakt und ohne einen Mangel angekommen, bin sehr zufrieden!!

Peter SABRSUL (pesab@xxx.at)
Datum:Di 19 Nov 2013 12:43:10 CET
Betreff:Vaic AVVT 32B SL
 Hallo Jac, heute sind wieder 32B's in einer super Verpackung bei mir angekommen. Sie spielen wie erwartet fantastisch. Nochmals danke, bis zum nächsten Mal, Peter

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